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Digitize and make the entire production production and management process computational



One of ATLAR’s main focus is the transition to decarbonization and energy efficiency. Given the current circumstances, this transition is essential for our society, as shown by climate change and the economic and social consequences amplified by the crisis provoked by the war in Ukraine, in particular in the process of intensive manufacturing and industrial automation in complex environments.


Our goal is to digitize production units in order to make them more energy efficient, providing managers with a critical information system that allows them to make better decisions in a timely manner regarding production planning.
The equipment monitoring and control tools developed are based on the principles of data and people security that are resilient against unforeseen events of various natures.

Monitorização Industrial
skao array

This control will be completely agnostic regarding the type of device to be monitored and technology, in a plug-and-play format. This solution reduces machine downtime for better use of the factory’s productive time. The installation of the system raises challenges in terms of sensors and control and/or monitoring devices, requiring the use of highly specialized teams of industrial electricity and electromechanics.

ATLAR combines both worlds:

Information technologies (IoT and M2M) together with industrial equipment (MODBUS; PROFIBUS; PROFINET; OPC UA), also passing through Artificial Intelligence for data processing, deadline forecasting and recommending measures to be taken in relation to production and production planning.

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