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We are a fast-learning modern company, equipped to tackle current challenges. 


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Atlar Innovation

A Portuguese technology company founded in 2021, specialized in developing cutting-edge computing platforms, intelligent monitoring tools, and web services.

Our areas of expertise include industrial modernization, aerospace monitoring, computational asset management, and web development.

We bridge the gap between hardware and software, ensuring reliability, functionality, and quality in our innovative solutions.

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PhD in Electrotechnical Engineering, expert in radiofrequency instrumentation and digital processing signal. Analog and digital electronic hardware development specialist. Specialist in the implementation of radar and optical Ground stations systems Space Surveillance and Space Situational Awareness. Experience in deployment of radar and optical ground stations. Senior researcher in space areas and radioastronomy. HAM radio enthusiast.

Miguel Bergano
Co-Founder and CEO
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Master in Electronic and Industrial Engineering, expert in Industry 4.0 and big data acquisition. SCADA systems enthusiast. Specialist in autonomous robotics systems, focusing on new space data control and management. A devotee to create user-friendly web-based applications to monitor the most complex and demanding deployments.

Helder Ribeiro
Co-Founder and CTO
Our Advantages

We Build incrementally with fast

Integrated learning cycles

We are a modern team prepared for modern challenges, we learn fast and deliver faster, all team members are used to work on the agile model.

We synchronize using the latest fast communication technologies and adapt to every need.


Our software uses the state of the art containerized technologies to provide unprecedented reliability


All our products are subject to rigorous and continuous testing to ensure maximum quality


All our user interface is developed closer to the customer needs to provide an easy and smooth usability


We develop software solutions to be fully autonomous 



Our software is focused on data optimization

Cost Reduction

By deploying autonomous software our company reduces costs of control and maintenance


We are committed to improve and deploy new infrastructures

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