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1st Year Students of Computer Programming

1st Year Students
Shining the Spotlight on Atlar Innovation at TERINOV Event on February 7th!

On that day marked a pivotal moment at TERINOV as we hosted students from the 1st year of the Computer Programming Course at Escola Profissional da Praia da Vitória. Among the esteemed professionals who shared their insights were Paulo Bettencourt, Jorge Santos, Rodrigo Mendes and Edgar Borges, representing Atlar Innovation. Additionally, Mike Maciel captured the event beautifully as our photographer.

Their presence highlighted Atlar Innovation’s commitment to fostering the next generation of tech talent. Their perspectives provided invaluable guidance to these budding programmers, showcasing Atlar Innovation’s dedication to innovation and education in the tech industry.

The event was a testament to Atlar Innovation’s ongoing efforts, with the team’s collective expertise supporting and inspiring the future leaders of technology.

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